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Sales Order to Shipping Integration

Is your shipping department re-entering customer information?

By Gregory D. Harrand, MBA
Dennis, Gartland & Niergarth
Most companies today have their customer service team enter in customer orders complete with the shipping address. When the order is ready to be shipped, the shipping department re-enters the customer name along with the shipping address. This process is a duplication of effort, not to mention increases the opportunity for data entry errors.
Transportation companies usually provide software that allows you to import the data from your sales order processing system; however deciding what files and fields to set data from can make the data mapping process between the shipping software and your sales order processing software a daunting task.
Imagine having the ability to enter in the sales order number in your shipping software and have the customer name and shipping address immediately pull in from your sales order system. In addition to the name and address, you could extract the customer’s email address to send email confirmations of the shipment with the associated tracking numbers. To complete the shipping process, the tracking numbers could then be written back to your sales order system and your customer service team could provide shipping information to your customers complete with the tracking numbers.
Users of the Sage 100 software can do that today without the need to purchase any additional software. Using the technology of Open Database Connectivity (“ODBC”) and Application Programming Interfaces (“API”) that is available with Sage 100 you can import the customer data and write back the tracking numbers to Sage 100 using Dennis, Gartland & Niergarth’s custom solution.
Dennis, Gartland and Niergarth has done this for several of our clients and have provided the following benefits to our clients:
  • Reduced data entry errors, so that shipments arrive on time at the correct address.
  • Reduced the chargeback fees from the transportation company due to incorrect addresses.
  • Ability to easily compare shipping charges on customer invoices to actual freight charges incurred.
  • Increased customer service by notifying customers via email when the order ships along with the tracking numbers.
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Gregory D. Harrand, MBA provides a broad range of IT services to industries throughout northern Michigan including manufacturing, automotive, distribution, oil and gas, professional offices, agriculture, small business and retail. Greg’s expertise spans a 30-year career in the information technology field, with positions for large manufacturers in Chicago and Traverse City prior to joining Dennis, Gartland & Niergarth in 1998. He holds certificates in Sage 100 ERP and Microsoft Dynamics GP systems as well as a Master of Business Administration from Illinois Benedictine University and a Bachelor of Science from Ferris State University. Greg is also an adjunct instructor at Davenport University.