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Presentations & Speakers

DGN shares its expertise with presentations and resources

The following topics have been presented through the DGN Presents Speaker Series.  For more information on these or other presentation request, please contact Mary Bevans Gillett at


  • Cost Segregation Benefits
  • Tax Planning for Young Professionals
  • Michigan Business Tax Issues and Updates
  • 990s and Tax Issues for Nonprofits


  • Internal Controls & Preventing Fraud
  • Financial Practices for Nonprofits
  • Preparing for Your Nonprofit Audit


  • QuickBooks Tips & Tricks
  • QuickBooks Fall Training Series
  • Payroll & Year-End Planning


  • Technology Trends
  • Using Technology for Maximum Value for Your Business
  • MAS 90 Support


  • Managing the Multigeneration Office
  • Emotional Intelligence: Why It Matters (based on the work of Daniel Goleman)
  • Effective Behavioral Interviewing
  • Results Driven Teamwork
  • FISH! Let's Get Motivated


  • PR on a Shoestring
  • Professional Services Marketing


News & Tips

For more information regarding a presentation by DGN, please contact Mary Gillett, Business Development Director at


IT Consulting Manager Greg Harrand presenting at the Traverse City Chamber of Commerce Business & Education series.