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Proactive Planning

by the Dennis, Gartland & Niergarth Tax Team
As printed in Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine

Our economic climate has changed dramatically during the past year. In light of the current environment and the likelihood of government action, it is more important than ever you take a comprehensive planning approach for individual as well as businesses finances.
Every situation is unique. Pending changes will impact everyone differently and should be examined carefully in context of your entire financial picture. Your tax advisor can help protect resources, reduce tax liability and position overall finances to achieve objectives.
Proactive, long term planning is important to create value for businesses and individuals for three, five and ten years into the future and beyond. Although we are faced with immediate economic challenges, the real value of planning is that it helps steer your business and personal financial picture toward the goals that you set.
Looking ahead, we have a fairly good idea about the major tax law changes and can begin to apply strategies to address them. Let’s look at points to consider in the short term as well as the long term:
In the short term, it’s important to analyze Federal and State tax law changes and apply them to your immediate situation. Take full advantage of the Economic Stimulus Package and related impact. Business owners should explore all aspects of the Michigan Business Tax regulations and plan accordingly. Review your business structure and cash flow planning for a proactive approach to this difficult economic environment.
The long term is less obvious but just as essential. Plan to protect against risk, and preserve assets through succession planning, reacting to pending estate tax law changes, retirement planning and other estate planning strategies.
At Dennis, Gartland & Niergarth, our highly trained 50-member staff is dedicated to providing the comprehensive and proactive planning services that are critical to personal and business success. Specific services and expertise that can benefit planning goals include:
Proactive Tax Planning
Estate & Retirement Planning
Multistate & International Tax
Research & Development Credits
Succession Planning
Nonprofit Organizations
Mergers & Acquisitions
Employee Benefit Plans
DGN uses a team approach in working with clients and tailors services to meet the individual needs of each. We are passionate about building our knowledge about our clients, their industries and the technical issues that impact their success. Locally owned and based in Traverse City, the firm has been providing outstanding professional service with a personal touch to businesses and individuals throughout northern Michigan since 1973. Our guiding principle for 35 years – Our clients success is our business.
Dennis, Gartland & Niergarth is the region’s largest, locally owned, full service public accounting firm. Founded in 1973, the firm is located in Traverse City and serves clients throughout northern Michigan with a comprehensive range of tax, audit and business and technology consultation services. Dennis, Gartland & Niergarth is led by partners Thomas E Gartland, CPA; Brad Niergarth, CPA; James G. Shumate, CPA; Robert C. Thompson, CPA; Michael D. Shaw, CPA; Mary F. Krantz, CPA; Shelly K. Bedford, CPA; and Heidi M. Wendel, CPA . For more information, please contact Dennis, Gartland & Niergarth at (231) 946-1722, dgn@dgncpa.com or www.dgncpa.com.