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DGN Wealthcare Advisors, LLC

Providing Comprehensive Financial Solutions for Individuals and Family Businesses

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DGN Wealthcare Advisors, LLC provides tax-deferred wealth management solutions for carefully chosen clients that demand excellence, innovation and professionalism. We help you make deliberate, sound choices while mitigating the risk of making emotionally charged decisions in your financial life. Through our comprehensive wealth management program, we enable you to gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing you can deliver on the important promises you make to those around you.

DGN Wealthcare Advisors, LLC has been serving the financial needs of Michigan (our) residents, businesses and institutions for ten years. Founded in 2001, DGN Wealthcare Advisors, LLC’s financial services staff is fully licensed and ready to help you address every area of your wealth care plan.
Our mission at DGN Wealthcare Advisors, LLC is to help you design a comprehensive, personalized wealth care plan that sets you on the right track towards achieving your goals. Our professional services are based on a keen understanding of your goals and needs - the type of understanding that only comes from a trusting professional relationship.

Wealth Care is a Process

Our Financial Advisors coordinate services through an ongoing four-step process that will ensure that your goals, needs and interests are always top priority. First, we analyze your goals in relation to your financial situation. The second step involves presentation of findings, where we discuss your needs with suggestions for possible solutions and we inform you about your options, allowing you to make educated choices about your future. Step three is implementation, where we turn your decisions into realities. Step four involves a periodic review, which brings us through the process once again from step one.
This process offers you a great service. We know you will change throughout your life, that your needs, goals, even your personality are constantly altered by your everyday experiences. Our process helps us to continue analyzing your goals throughout our relationship with you so we never lose track of who you are and what you need.

Strategic Partnerships

We can provide all of your tax, estate, insurance and investment services through our affiliation with a national, full-service broker/dealer, 1st Global Capital Corp., who works with us to provide research and solutions for your financial needs. We have developed alliances with attorneys and other professionals that we rely on when specialized circumstances require their knowledge.

Meet Our Advisors

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